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  • 21-03-2024

    Corroison Probe position!

    When positioning probes, it is crucial to consider the desired test conditions, particularly temperature and flow rate

  • 21-10-2021

    Working Process of EMT Pipeline Cleaning Pig

    EMT Pigging could manufacture various kinds of pipeline cleaning pigs to help you to clean your pipelines and to save you the operation and maintenance costs.

  • 26-07-2022

    The Necessity of Pipeline Cleaning!

    Pig refers to the equipment that can clean the pipeline. As we all know, the pipeline needs to be cleaned regularly in order to keep it unblocked. However, some people do not pay much attention to pigging. Pigging is usually remembered when serious problems occur. However, it is too late at this time, so we need to pay attention to pigging at ordinary times. This has many benefits. The necessity of using pigs is introduced in detail below.

  • 11-07-2022

    Importance Of Pipeline Cleaning In Oil Industry

    Oil is extracted from the underground to the ground and transported to a large refinery to refine the crude oil into the raw materials and the oil which we need. In the process of transporting crude oil, the main transportation tools are divided into two kinds. One is to transport crude oil by vehicle mounted oil tank truck. In this case, the cost is very high. Generally, crude oil is transported by oil pipeline.

  • 10-04-2024

    Electrical resistance corrosion probe!

    ​Over the years, the technology behind electrical resistance probes has undergone significant advancements, transforming it from its early manual and portable form to an advanced automatic recording system capable of online monitoring. This evolution has made resistance probe monitoring a standard practice in China's refining sector post-2000. The technology is highly regarded for its exceptional sensitivity, rapid response, robust anti-interference capabilities, and broad applicability.

  • 07-04-2024

    Foreign customers factory inspection!

    Foreign customers often conduct factory inspections as part of their due diligence when considering a potential business partnership or sourcing products from a new supplier. These inspections serve as a means to verify the factory's capabilities, quality control processes, and adherence to ethical standards.

  • 28-03-2024

    The importance of pipeline corrosion monitoring!

    Corrosion poses a significant threat to the safe and efficient operation of refinery equipment, as it can lead to equipment failures, leaks, and even accidents such as fires and explosions. To address this issue, refineries employ various Corrosion Monitoring Methods.

  • 14-03-2024

    Customer video factory inspection!

    A. Purpose of customer video factory inspection B. Importance of factory inspection for customers C. Benefits of conducting video-based inspections

  • 07-03-2024

    The Significance of the Flanged Injection Quill in These Industries!

    In each of these sectors, the Flanged Injection Quill plays a pivotal role. It is not just about maintaining the flow or cleanliness of the pipelines but about safeguarding the life span of the capital-intensive pipeline networks. The Quill’s ability to inject chemicals without interrupting the system’s operation is particularly significant. It means that maintenance can be proactive rather than reactive, preventing issues before they escalate into major problems.

  • 28-02-2024

    Benefits of Corrosion Monitoring Probes!

    Corrosion Monitoring Probes are key in checking and managing how much corrosion is happening, and they give important information that can help stop potential issues and keep our systems working well.

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