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  • 21-10-2021

    Working Process of EMT Pipeline Cleaning Pig

    EMT Pigging could manufacture various kinds of pipeline cleaning pigs to help you to clean your pipelines and to save you the operation and maintenance costs.

  • 26-07-2022

    The Necessity of Pipeline Cleaning!

    Pig refers to the equipment that can clean the pipeline. As we all know, the pipeline needs to be cleaned regularly in order to keep it unblocked. However, some people do not pay much attention to pigging. Pigging is usually remembered when serious problems occur. However, it is too late at this time, so we need to pay attention to pigging at ordinary times. This has many benefits. The necessity of using pigs is introduced in detail below.

  • 11-07-2022

    Importance Of Pipeline Cleaning In Oil Industry

    Oil is extracted from the underground to the ground and transported to a large refinery to refine the crude oil into the raw materials and the oil which we need. In the process of transporting crude oil, the main transportation tools are divided into two kinds. One is to transport crude oil by vehicle mounted oil tank truck. In this case, the cost is very high. Generally, crude oil is transported by oil pipeline.

  • 24-05-2023

    Emt join the PPSA!

    Recently, EMT formally joined PPSA and became its full member. In the future, we will continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation within the industry with more peers, continue to explore and innovate in the production industry of pipe fittings, expand market space, and serve more customers.

  • 17-05-2023

    Corrosion monitoring technique!

    When the etching rate is low or the etching rate changes frequently with other parameters, we should use sensitive thin components. Thicker components will last longer if the corrosion rate is high. The best compromise between sensitivity and longevity depends on the environment.

  • 26-04-2023

    Solid Cast Cleaning Pig used to clean a pipe!

    Solid Cast Cleaning Pig are special tools made use of to clean pipes, driven by gas, liquid, or pipe media. It can bring an electromagnetic establishing tool together with the ground obtaining tool to develop an electronic radar, and can also be outfitted with various other accessory devices to complete numerous complicated pipeline jobs.

  • 19-04-2023

    Urethane Sphere!

    The Urethane Sphere is made of corrosion-resistant neoprene. There are two kinds of hollow balls and solid balls. Pigging balls with DN>100mm are hollow balls. Solid balls can be used when the pipe diameter is less than 100mm. The wall thickness of the hollow ball is one-tenth of the inner diameter of the air pipe. The hollow ball is equipped with an air nozzle. The hollow ball is filled with water for use. In winter, the ball should be filled with an aqueous solution of antifreeze (such as glycol). This is to prevent freezing.

  • 12-04-2023

    The mechanism of corrosion can be divided into three categories!

    Corrosion Coupon Assembly is used to monitor the corrosion rates of sample (coupon) in the pipe or container. By observing the mils-per-year corrosion rate of an exposed coupon, valuable information can be provided regarding the material’s life expectancy.

  • 05-04-2023

    Stainless Steel Magnetic development history!

    Stainless Steel Magnetic is an important accessory for pigs in pipelines. It generally refers to aluminum-nickel-cobalt alloys. The main material of magnetic steel is several hard, strong metals. Such as iron and aluminum, nickel, cobalt, and other syntheses. Sometimes copper, niobium, and tantalum are synthesized. Therefore, it can effectively clean the iron powder and rust in the pipeline. Usually, Stainless Steel Magnetic can be used in the initial inspection of pipelines. At this time, there is a lot of dust and debris in the pipeline. But pipelines are not yet transporting goods. So just do simple cleaning. This accessory can then be used to improve the cleaning power of the pig.

  • 29-03-2023

    Application of elecrical probe!

    Resistance probe measurement can track the corrosion behavior of metal surface in real environment. It can also master the corrosion rate and corrosion condition. Therefore, we can take corresponding anti-corrosion measures in time. Or take timely measures to control the corrosion rate within the required range. The establishment of resistance probe measurement method can timely display the corrosion of equipment and pipelines, quickly find abnormal corrosion conditions, and avoid safety production caused by equipment corrosion. It is an effective corrosion detection method.

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