Importance Of Pipeline Cleaning In Oil Industry


Importance Of Pipeline Cleaning In  Oil Industry

Oil is extracted from the underground to the ground and transported to a large refinery to refine the crude oil into the raw materials and the oil which we need. In the process of transporting crude oil, the main transportation tools are divided into two kinds. One is to transport crude oil by vehicle mounted oil tank truck. In this case, the cost is very high. Generally, crude oil is transported by oil pipeline.

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Oil & Gas pipeline engineers should clean the pipe as well. Because the oil pipeline is mainly responsible for the transportation of various crude oil resources and the transportation of resources. If there is leakage in the transportation process, there will be serious safety accidents. Because this type of oil pipeline is usually deeply buried underground and in contact with soil and water for a long time, it is extremely prone to corrosion, which has a serious impact on the safe operation and service life of the pipe network. Therefore, in the process of oil pipeline construction, a series of anti-corrosion and oil pipeline cleaning measures must be taken to ensure the safe operation of the oil pipeline.

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Oil pipeline transportation is a long-distance transportation mode of liquid and gas materials. It has the characteristics of large transportation volume, continuous, fast, economical, reliable, stable, less investment, less land occupation and low cost. It can realize automatic control. In addition to being widely used in long-distance transportation of oil and natural gas, it can also transport ore, coal, building materials, chemical industry, grain, etc. There are many impurities in the oil and gas in the crude oil transmission pipeline, including organic matter, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, bacteria, etc. The existence of these impurities is very easy to cause pipeline scaling. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the oil pipeline will help to prolong the service life of the pipeline, improve the transportation efficiency and reduce energy consumption and leakage.

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