Criss Cross Red Foam Pig

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  • Criss Cross Red Foam Pig
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Criss Cross Red Foam Pig
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Foam pig mainly includes soft foam water absorbing pipe pigging, soft foam glue painted pipe pigging, soft foam steel brush pipe pigging. Soft foam water absorbing pipe scraper is made from polyurethane through foam formation ( density 35-200g/m3, its end is painted with polyurethane material, shrink range is 3-5%, mainly used for the pipeline’s water absorbing, sealing, cleaning, and descaling.

Criss Cross Foam Pig Description

Criss Cross Foam pig

1. Name: Criss Cross Red Foam Pig

  The Criss Cross Foam Pig is a versatile tool used in various industries for pipeline cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Its technical parameters provide key insights into its capabilities and effectiveness. With a starting pressure of 0.02MPa

 and a withstand voltage of 7MPa, this foam pig demonstrates robust performance under different pressure conditions.

 The common density ranges from 80KG/m3 to 120KG/m3, ensuring optimal flexibility and durability during operations.

The impressive stretch rate of 320% allows the foam pig to adapt to different pipeline sizes and contours. 

   Its compression ratio of 50% to 60% enables efficient sealing and cleaning functions. The foam pig's bending fracture 

degree of 50,000 times highlights its exceptional wear resistance and longevity. With a wear resistance of 2mm/100KM, 

it can withstand challenging environments and extended working distances ranging from 100 to 300KM. The wide working

 temperature range of -30°C to 100°C further enhances its versatility and suitability for various pipeline applications. 

Overall, the Criss Cross Foam Pig's technical parameters make it a reliable and efficient solution for pipeline sweeping,

 cleaning, descaling, water removal, waxing, detection, sealing, hydraulic testing, and fluid isolation tasks in different industries.

 Its impressive capabilities and adaptability ensure optimal performance and contribute to the smooth operation and 

maintenance of pipelines.

 Foam Pig

Red Foam Pig

Criss Cross Foam Pig Specification


Criss Cross Red Foam Pig



Light density – 0.02-0.03g/cm3

Medium density –0.08-0.12g / cm3

Heavy density – 0.13-0.16g/ cm3


1.     high wear resistance

2.     Good cleaning performance

3.     low-cost


Packing way

packed with inner plastic film and outer plywood wooden case.




1.They are light weight and flexible.

2. nice cleaning efficiency

3.Accurate location tracking.

4.The precision can reach to plus or minus 5cm

Criss Cross Foam Pig Specification Usage

Foam pigs are a versatile type of pipeline cleaning device. They are used for drying, cleaning and product removal operations. A few of the industries utilizing foam pigs are the oil and gas, food and beverage, mining, chemical and petrochemical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. Because they are lightweight and flexible, foam pigs are able to negotiate uncommon piping, fittings, and valves.

Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ): 1 Piece.

Payment term: T/T at sight or L/C.

Packaging & Shipping

Criss Cross Foam pig

Our Services

1. Many kinds of pipe cleaning pig with a different type to meet different requirements. 


2. Samples will be offered to attest to the quality and our services.


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4. The fastest delivery time.


5. 24 hours,7 days online.

Foam Pig

Red Foam Pig

Company Information

We Shenyang EMT Pigging Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 has developed to a science and technology 

development enterprise that combines science development, product development, production, sales, and service 

as a whole. The meters, instruments, and equipment developed have been widely used in petroleum, power, chemical,

 liquor-making, metallurgy, mechanical industries. Our institute has professional R&D, sales, site and after service 

staff with strong strength of R&D, development, production, and installation.

Criss Cross Foam pig

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Certification ISO9001,ISO45001,ISO14001
Certification ISO9001,ISO45001,ISO14001
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