Foam Pig

PU Foam Pig includes bare foam pig, brush foam pig, polyurethane foam pig, brush polyurethane foam pig, and criss-cross foam pig. Foam Pig’s end is painted with polyurethane, shrink range is 3-5%. These foam pigs are used for liquid removal, drying, sweeping, and general cleaning. Foam pigs are our most popular style of cleaning pigs due to they are very cost-effective and versatile.

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    PU Coating Brush Red Foam Pig

    PU Coating Brush Red Foam Pig

    The shape and length to diameter ratio of the polyurethane foam pig are based on the on-site construction feedback and are designed by computer simulation of the pig operating conditions, with excellent performance;

    The product has reasonable density, and has the characteristics of high tear strength and good wear resistance. At the same time, the product is open-cell foaming and has good adsorption performance;

    After long-term on-site application feedback, the product has a concave surface and wear-resistant material, which makes the product and the cleaning surface more closely fit, which can better ensure the sealing performance and cleaning effect.

    The product is equipped with high-strength traction belt, so that the product can be applied to mechanical traction without any worries.

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  • Criss Cross Red Foam Pig

    Criss Cross Red Foam Pig

    Foam pig mainly includes soft foam water absorbing pipe pigging, soft foam glue painted pipe pigging, soft foam steel brush pipe pigging. Soft foam water absorbing pipe scraper is made from polyurethane through foam formation ( density 35-200g/m3, its end is painted with polyurethane material, shrink range is 3-5%, mainly used for the pipeline’s water absorbing, sealing, cleaning, and descaling.

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  • Bare White Foam Pig

    Bare White Foam Pig

    Features: High-strength polyurethane material direct mold foaming, surface inelastic protective film, strong water absorption, soft texture, good flexibility, deformation up to 60%, strong ability to pass, not easy to get stuck in the pipeline, there are The pipe is called the "scout".

    Function: Mainly used for pipe water removal, cleaning, scrubbing, dust removal, sealing and physical drying of pipelines.

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  • PU Coating Red Foam Pig

    PU Coating Red Foam Pig

    Features: High-strength polyurethane foam is coated with a mesh polyurethane elastomer coating with a variable diameter of 50%, good flexibility and 50% deformation of the pipe. It is the most widely used foam pig.

    Function: pipeline cleaning, descaling, water removal, waxing, detection, sealing, hydraulic testing and fluid isolation.

    Scope of application: all kinds of oil, gas, water and new pipelines.

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  • Bare White Brush Foam Pig

    Bare White Brush Foam Pig

    Product best running speed: V ≦ 1 m / s (high running speed will reduce product performance)

    Working medium temperature: -10 ° C --- 90 ° C

    Overall length: 1.5 times DN

    Minimum pass bending radius: R≧1 times DN

    Overall density: Type 2 ≧80KG/m3, Type 3 ≧200KG/m3.

    The surface coating can be applied with a thickness of 3 mm, which is thicker for enhanced wear resistance.

    Tail coating material performance indicators:

    Tensile strength: 44 (Mpa)

    Elongation at break: 550 (%)

    Tear strength: 95 (KN/M)

    Wear: 0.003 (CC/1.61)

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