The customer came to our company for a meeting to discuss the details of the product!

The customer came to our company for a meeting to discuss the details of the product!

The client's visit to our factory for a meeting was an invaluable opportunity to strengthen our partnership and showcase our commitment to their satisfaction. From the moment they stepped foot on our premises, we spared no effort in ensuring their comfort and providing a warm welcome. Our dedicated team meticulously planned every aspect of the visit, from arranging a comprehensive tour of our production facilities to preparing engaging presentations that highlighted our latest innovations and achievements....

  • Quick Opening Closures Feature!

    Short operating time:Locking-ring Quick Opening Closures as ite integral scalable locking ring structure, compare with other type quick opening closure, ite shorten the time of the opening and closing, only a person with less than 200N force to easily finish in one minute;

  • Corroison Probe position!

    When positioning probes, it is crucial to consider the desired test conditions, particularly temperature and flow rate

  • Working Process of EMT Pipeline Cleaning Pig

    EMT Pigging could manufacture various kinds of pipeline cleaning pigs to help you to clean your pipelines and to save you the operation and maintenance costs.

  • The Necessity of Pipeline Cleaning!

    Pig refers to the equipment that can clean the pipeline. As we all know, the pipeline needs to be cleaned regularly in order to keep it unblocked. However, some people do not pay much attention to pigging. Pigging is usually remembered when serious problems occur. However, it is too late at this time, so we need to pay attention to pigging at ordinary times. This has many benefits. The necessity of using pigs is introduced in detail below.

  • Importance Of Pipeline Cleaning In Oil Industry

    Oil is extracted from the underground to the ground and transported to a large refinery to refine the crude oil into the raw materials and the oil which we need. In the process of transporting crude oil, the main transportation tools are divided into two kinds. One is to transport crude oil by vehicle mounted oil tank truck. In this case, the cost is very high. Generally, crude oil is transported by oil pipeline.

  • Foreign customers come to visit the factory!

    Customer inspection is a vital component in building and nurturing trust between businesses and their customers. When customers are given the opportunity to inspect the products or services they are purchasing, it creates a sense of transparency and reassurance.

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