Shenyang EMT Piping Technology Co., Ltd

Shenyang EMT Piping Technology Co.,Ltd is formerly known as Shenyang Institute Of Sources Technology Development, which was found in 1993, as one of the first companies to develop pigging products in China. As the company gradually expanded, EMT came into being in 2004. EMT mainly produce pipeline pig, pig signaller, corrosion coupon, chemical injector, insulation joint and quick opening closure, who has now become a scientific research enterprise in collection of research, development, sales and service. Daqing Oilfield and Liaohe Oilfield are our long-term domestic partners. You could enjoy no MOQ and prompt delivery from us because of our advanced management concepts and reliable raw material supplier. Considering for customers, let production transparent are EMT's tenets.

About Us
Shenyang EMT Piping Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in 2004, Shenyang EMT Piping Technology Co.,Ltd. is known as the subsidiary corporation of Shenyang Institute of Sources Technology Development which was established in 1993, manufactures and exports all kinds of pipeline pigging products. Our leading products include Pipeline Pig, Foam Pig, Pig Signaller, Corrosion Coupon and Chemical Injection Quill, etc. All these products are widely used in petroleum, power, chemical, oilfield, metallurgy and mechanical industries. Today, EMT has become a science and technology development enterprise that combines technological development, product development, production, sales and service together as a whole.

  • Customers are welcome to visit the factory!

    1. Before coming to China, send a tip for vist in China to the customer. It can include advice on what to bring, weather and clothing, travel and stay safe. 2. Pay attention to the customer's ticket. The customer may not be familiar with the various holidays in China, so they do not know the urgency of the ticket in China. Help customers to check the tickets to ensure that the visit is foolproof: provide hotel suggestions to customers, inquire and recommend hotels to customers: foreign customers can let them buy from etrip.

  • EMT-SN-TQZ-0010

    The order of 24 sets valved pig signaller under pressure.

  • EMT-CIPA-0007

    The order of 65 sets corrosion monitoring and chemical injection.

  • Working Process of EMT Pipeline Cleaning Pig

    EMT Pigging could manufacture various kinds of pipeline cleaning pigs to help you to clean your pipelines and to save you the operation and maintenance costs.

  • The Necessity of Pipeline Cleaning!

    Pig refers to the equipment that can clean the pipeline. As we all know, the pipeline needs to be cleaned regularly in order to keep it unblocked. However, some people do not pay much attention to pigging. Pigging is usually remembered when serious problems occur. However, it is too late at this time, so we need to pay attention to pigging at ordinary times. This has many benefits. The necessity of using pigs is introduced in detail below.

  • Importance Of Pipeline Cleaning In Oil Industry

    Oil is extracted from the underground to the ground and transported to a large refinery to refine the crude oil into the raw materials and the oil which we need. In the process of transporting crude oil, the main transportation tools are divided into two kinds. One is to transport crude oil by vehicle mounted oil tank truck. In this case, the cost is very high. Generally, crude oil is transported by oil pipeline.