Shenyang EMT Piping Technology Co., Ltd

Shenyang EMT Piping Technology Co.,Ltd is formerly known as Shenyang Institute Of Sources Technology Development, which was found in 1993, as one of the first companies to develop pigging products in China. As the company gradually expanded, EMT came into being in 2004. EMT mainly produce pipeline pig, pig signaller, corrosion coupon, chemical injector, insulation joint and quick opening closure, who has now become a scientific research enterprise in collection of research, development, sales and service. Daqing Oilfield and Liaohe Oilfield are our long-term domestic partners. You could enjoy no MOQ and prompt delivery from us because of our advanced management concepts and reliable raw material supplier. Considering for customers, let production transparent are EMT's tenets.

About Us
Shenyang EMT Piping Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in 2004, Shenyang EMT Piping Technology Co.,Ltd. is known as the subsidiary corporation of Shenyang Institute of Sources Technology Development which was established in 1993, manufactures and exports all kinds of pipeline pigging products. Our leading products include Pipeline Pig, Foam Pig, Pig Signaller, Corrosion Coupon and Chemical Injection Quill, etc. All these products are widely used in petroleum, power, chemical, oilfield, metallurgy and mechanical industries. Today, EMT has become a science and technology development enterprise that combines technological development, product development, production, sales and service together as a whole.

  • The products are safely and reliably packed in wooden cases!

    We take great pride in ensuring the safe and secure packaging of our products, and one of the methods we employ is the use of wooden cases. When it comes to protecting valuable and delicate items during transportation, wooden cases offer exceptional durability and reliability.

  • Customized pipeline pig!

    The main body of Pipe Pigs is steel framework, equipped with 2-4 sealed cups or steel brush. Our products have been used long-term by the Daqing oil field and the Liaohe oil field with stable performance, reliable quality, has received coherent good comments from the customers.

  • Use of Quick Opening Closure!

    The Quick Opening Closure serves as a fixed device installed at the nozzle, offering the convenience of frequent opening and closing for various purposes such as pipeline cleaning, dredging, and container inspection and cleaning. In oil transmission stations, the filter separator and launcher are equipped with quick-opening blind plates to facilitate efficient operations.

  • Corrosion Probe EMT ER!

    A corrosion probe is a specialized analytical instrument designed to assess and monitor corrosion rates on different metal surfaces. It is a crucial tool for early detection of corrosion. Importance in Industrial Maintenance and Safety Corrosion probes play a vital role in industrial maintenance, ensuring the safety and integrity of equipment.

  • Quick Opening Closures Feature!

    Short operating time:Locking-ring Quick Opening Closures as ite integral scalable locking ring structure, compare with other type quick opening closure, ite shorten the time of the opening and closing, only a person with less than 200N force to easily finish in one minute;

  • The customer came to our company for a meeting to discuss the details of the product!

    The client's visit to our factory for a meeting was an invaluable opportunity to strengthen our partnership and showcase our commitment to their satisfaction. From the moment they stepped foot on our premises, we spared no effort in ensuring their comfort and providing a warm welcome. Our dedicated team meticulously planned every aspect of the visit, from arranging a comprehensive tour of our production facilities to preparing engaging presentations that highlighted our latest innovations and achievements.

  • Corroison Probe position!

    When positioning probes, it is crucial to consider the desired test conditions, particularly temperature and flow rate