flange pig signaler

  • Bidirectional Flange Pig Signaler

    The flange pig signaler is the necessary equipment in the pipeline pass-through pipe cleaning process. It is fixedly installed above the pipeline to determine whether the pig has passed the test point. It can provide information to the operator through secondary sources such as light, point, sound or special clock to guide the switching process.   Use pressure: 0-20Mpa   Operating temperature: -2-80 ° C   Pipe nominal diameter: D≥DN80   Transport medium: oil, gas, water

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  • Unirectional Flange Pig Signaler

    The unirectional flange pig signaler is divided into mechanical explosion-proof pig signaler, plug-in pig signaler and non-intrusive pig signaler.   Technical Parameters:   Applicable temperature is -40 to 100 °C.   for all materials of the pipeline   the pig must have a magnetic source   Applicable to explosive gas and flammable medium   explosion-proof mark ExdIIBT6   control contact capacity: 24VDC, 3A   remote transmission wiring hole thread: 1/2NPT   Installed on the pipeline, it is mainly used to display the time after the pig is sent out and to indicate the alarm. You can check the pass of the pig at any time.

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