Professional Disassembly Tool

  • Professional Disassembly Tool
  • Professional Disassembly Tool
  • Professional Disassembly Tool
Professional Disassembly Tool
  • EMT
  • Shenyang, China
  • 15 days
  • 200 sets/month

The EMT-WRTV retrievers have following unique features:
● Only cleaned but not disassembled after use.
● The gear drive machines allow all operation to be performed in a minimum clearance area.
● The deft plug adapter and the spring load socket adapter make operating process easier to handle.

The EMT-SGV service valve is gate valve Features:
1. Always to open 100%
when you need to open.
2. Light in weight.
3. More easy to operate.
4. Easier to maintain.


With pressure removal tool

The EMT-WRTV retrievers and service valves are designed to insert and retrieval the target assembly that include conventional 2″corrosion monitoring assemblies and special plug assembly of EMT pig detector under pressure.

An original medium isolation system and two gear drive machines are used to lessen the maintenance workload and to improve the operational security and ease of use. When gas or liquid enters the retriever through the service valve, the system pressure exerts a load on the mandrel rod (push out) which is countered by two opposing loads on the two pistons of medium isolation system (pushing in), the pressure load is balanced.

By using a plug adapter and a spring loaded socket adapter, you can visually perform the two steps of retrieving operations, which are the plug adapter pilot engaging to the female threads of the plug assembly and the female hex of the plug adapter engaging to the plug assembly hex. So, it is easier to operate the tool.

An optional hose assembly can be attached. It should be used to connect to the retriever or service bleed valve for safe bleed-off.

The EMT-WRTV retrievers are constructed to comply with NACE MR01-75, They are pressure rated to 26MPa(3770psi) and are suitable for operation at temperature between -20℃ and +230℃.

Special tools for pressure disassembly

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Certification ISO9001,ISO45001,ISO14001
Certification ISO9001,ISO45001,ISO14001
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