EMT-WRTV Retriever & EMT-SGV Service Valve

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EMT-WRTV Retriever & EMT-SGV Service Valve
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  • Shenyang, China

The EMT-WRTV retrievers and service valves are designed to insert and retrieval the target assembly that include conventional 2" corrosion monitoring assemblies and special plug assembly of EMT pig detector under pressure.

Product Description

        EMT Retreival Tool is a special tool used to retrieve and install corrosion coupons and probes under pressure. Compared with other retrieval tools, it has the characteristics of light weight, simple operation and short retrieval time, the entire retireve installation can be completed in 15 minutes.


  • Design Pressure:

        2500 PSI (17.2MPa)

        6000 PSI (41.3MPa)

  • Design Temperature:

        - 4°F  – 302°F (-20℃ - 150℃)

        -15°F – 400°F (-26- 204)

  • Easy to use and cheap:

        EMT Retrieval Tool is simple to use, you can search “EMT Retrieval Tool” on Youtube and see how we replaced the corrosion coupon within 12 minutes.

        EMT Retrieval Tool is not only cheaper, it can also save on the cost of corrosion monitoring.

        Some oil companies usually use more expensive and complex corrosion monitoring for easy disassembly. EMT Retrieval Tools could provide you with more options for purchasing corrosion monitoring.

retrieval tool

LetterDescriptionMaximum Pipeline Size
ARetriever - (mm)71010001300
BRetriever and Service Valve - (mm)9851275


CStroke Available - (mm)6008811184

Weight - (kgs)25.427.630

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