Uses and workflows of foam pig


Foam pig is a cylinder with a tapered head made of foam rubber or foam plastic. The tail or surface is cross-wound and coated with various wear-resistant scraping materials. Mainly use pipes to clean and unblock. Today I will talk about the use and workflow of foam pigs.

  Use of foam pig

  1. regular water removal from water pipeline

  2. before the pipeline is put into production, clean the pipeline and clean the line to remove the residue in the pipeline to make the pipeline unobstructed

  3. The oil and gas pipelines are regularly scraped to ensure that the pipelines have the maximum transmission capacity.

  4. For experimental pass when the inside of the pipeline is unknown

  5. According to user requirements, a series of small-diameter foam pigs can be provided for pigging operations of thick hard scale pipes.

  6.Pigline cleaning before pipeline inspection, low-volume intermittent operation of oil pipeline pipeline cleaning; clearing of condensate, waxing, and scaling inside the pipeline to reduce oil back pressure, reduce friction, and reduce oil temperature purpose.

foam pigs

  Workflow of foam pig

  First, check the pipe cleaning object

  Before cleaning the pipeline, you should first find out the distribution of the pipeline, and understand the service life, usage conditions, blockage conditions, buried and exposed parts of the building are damaged. Before dredging, pay attention to understand its raw materials. In addition to cast iron and ceramics, what other raw materials are in the system, such as equipment and pipes of structural materials such as cement.

  Second, cleaning in stages

  In order to facilitate the cleaning of the pipeline, several small cleaning sections are generally distributed. The method of segmentation is mainly based on the volume of the pipeline, the height of the floor, the convenience of cleaning, and the possibility of segmentation. Generally, it is better to use three or four floors in a unit.

  Finally, check

  After the pipeline is cleaned, check to see if the pipeline is cleared, cleaned, unblocked, and reaches the customer's requirements.

  The above is an introduction to the role and working process of the foam pig. I hope everyone will understand the role and working process of the foam pig, which will be helpful to everyone.

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