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  • Pipe Cleaning Bi-Di Disc Pig

    The pigging is a physical method in which the wax tube and the medium are active, and the steel brush and the scraper form a lot of friction on the pipe wall, and the wall is mechanically cleaned, thereby achieving good and clear results. Due to the many advantages of tube cleaning machines, pipe cleaning technology has become more and more popular, and is widely used in petrochemical pipeline transportation operations. The product is made of excellent polyurethane raw materials, with high wear resistance, high tear strength, surface opening, double effect of water absorption and cleaning. It can solve the task of water absorption and cleaning at the same time. It has low engineering cost and good cleaning effectadvantage.

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    EMT Polyurethane Disc Cup Solid Cast Pipeline Cleaning Pig

    EMT Disc and Cup Solid Cast Pig, integrally formed, made of polyurethane. EMT Disc and Cup Solid Cast Pig cleaning process First, the solid cast cleaning pig is put into the oil and gas pipeline, injecting into the pipeline the medium (oil or liquid or natural gas), the valve is opened to let the solid cast enter the pipeline to start the cleaning work.

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  • Rust-Remove Bi-Di Disc Pig With Brush

    The steel brush type pig is made by changing the corresponding cup of the cup type pig to a steel brush on the basis of the cup type pig. It has the characteristics of strong passing ability, rust removal and obvious scale effect. Widely used in the decontamination of the inner surface of the pipeline, in addition to soft dirt cleaning and other pigging operations. It has good sealing performance, good rust and scale effect, especially suitable for derusting operation of medium and long distance pipelines. The elbow that can be passed has a minimum radius of curvature of 4D.

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  • Polyurethane Disc Solid Cast Pig

    Polyurethane disc solid casting pigs are special tools used to clean pipelines, driven by gas, liquid or pipeline media. It can carry an electromagnetic launching device together with the ground receiving instrument to form an electronic tracking system, and can also be equipped with other accessory accessories to complete various complex pipeline tasks.

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